Gosforth Harriers and Athletic Club

Drew Graham

On 21 September, our friend/fellow athlete Drew Graham sustained a serious neck injury whilst swimming in America, and suffered instant paralysis. Drew is now out of intensive care and recovering at a rehabilitation hospital in the USA. His medical insurance will not cover the costs of the treatment needed to recover from such a serious injury. As such we are aiming to raise money to help contribute to his recovery.

Several current Gosforth Harriers club members will be competing in a sponsored "Coast to Coast" relay run from Whitehaven to Tynemouth on Saturday 5th December. Our team members will run a minimum of 4 legs of 5 miles each as we attempt to complete the course within 24 hours. This will involve running through the night over tough terrain in potentially difficult conditions. Whilst this challenge will be tough, it is nothing compared to the fight that Drew has ahead of him.

The target we have set is Â£1,000 although please note that this is a MINIMUM amount; there is no MAXIMUM!!

To donate please visit our page on JustGiving at the following location:


Every little will help Drew immensely. Please support this inspirational man who has achieved so much, is a role model to so many and has always remained modest about his amazing achievements. 


Thank you

Summer grand Prix 2014

The final results of the Summer Grand Prix are as follows:

Ladies:- 1st Louise Watson, 2nd Sarah Rees, 3rd Sarah Seymour

Men:- 1st Kevin Thomas, 2nd Adam Ewart, 3rd Richard McQuade

Special congratulations to Louise and Kevin for great running through the summer season. 

Full results for the men and ladies are here for your perusal 

Ladies, ladies...

A record breaking 13 ladies turned out to represent Gosforth Harriers at the Anita Nott memorial race on Monday 14th July 2014.

First home was Helen Blades closely followed by Susan Croney. Well done to all.  Some photos on the HH Facebook site

Full results are at Heaton Harriers web site

Northumberland Minor Schools T&F Champs     Sat 28th June Gateshead Stadium

Yr 8 Girls 1500m  1st Rhian  Purves                  4.57.23

Yr 6 Girls 800m    2nd Rebecca Wren                2.43.20 (pb)

Yr 7 Boys 1500m   4th Stephen Bennison         5.17.88 (pb)

Yr 6 Boys   800m     7th Kieran Mutch                2.43.23 

Weetslade Relays 2014

Well done to our six teams who ran this Wednesday at the Weetslade relays.  Our first team was a very creditable sixth. well done all.

some photos in the gallery

Northumberland Schools T&F Champs 2014

U/15 Girls 1500m

1st Chelsea Williamson                   5min.7.20

2nd Rhian Purves                           5min.18.45

3rd Holly Willis                               5min.29.31

U/15 Girls LJ

2nd Chelsea  Williamson                  4mtr 57cms

Inter Girls 3000m

1st Helen Blades                             11min .44    pb    

Well done girls! keep focused on improvement.

Blaydon race 2014

Bibno. Chip time Participant Category

4248 31:10 Finn Brodie (M) 19-39

280 32:36 Tom Coates (M) 19-39

688 34:50 Darren McBain (M) 40-44

485 36:19 Phil Guy (M) 45-49

1007 36:30 Kevin Thomas (M) 50-54

329 36:57 Simon Daniels (M) 45-49

408 38:06 Adam Ewart (M) 16-18

721 38:24 Richard McQuade (M) 45-49

653 38:45 Martin Lloyd (M) 40-44

208 41:31 Steven Bond (M) 40-44

199 42:45 Mark Birch-Machin (M) 50-54

1739 42:53 Louise Watson (F) 40-44

1596 44:14 Sarah Rees (F) 55-59

793 45:09 Gordon Paterson (M) 55-59

1638 45:29 Sarah Seymour (F) 19-39

116 45:40 David Anderson (M) 19-39

1743 47:08 Fiona Waugh (F) 50-54

1171 48:12 Juliet Birch-Machin (F) 50-54

1204 49:41 Donna Broxup (F) 40-44

1375 49:46 Susan Guy (F) 45-49

2928 50:19 John Buswell (M) 55-59

1321 50:46 Irene Ewart (F) 55-59

1347 51:14 Sarah Gartside (F) 45-49

Track and Field triumphs

Gosforth girls were triumphant at the North East Counties AA championships 17th/18th May.

3000m U15 girls 1st place 10:59:95 Rhian Purves - new club record

1500m U15 girls 1st place 4:56:09 Rhian Purves

3000m U17 girls 2nd place 12:15:97 Helen Blades

Wallsend Relays 2014

Well done to all who raced at Wallsend on Wednesday.  Four men's teams and 3 ladies teams made a great showing for Gosforth Harriers. Full results are here: MenLadies 

Thanks to Steve for all the organization.

Winter Grand Prix :- The final standings

The king and queen of this year's Gosforth harriers Winter Grand Prix are Darren McBain and Susan Croney-congratulations to them.


Runners up were Gareth Driscoll (2nd) and  Ben Forster (3rd) and Rachael Lundgren (2nd) and Sarah Rees (3rd).

The results for the top 10 men and ladies are here.

Presentations of the prizes will be made on Monday 12th May.

GHAC Time Trial Sunday20th October 2013

Well done to all those who turned out for the club time trial Sunday20th October and thanks to the marshals and those who supported.

Juniors 1 mile 760 yds (based on scratch handicap of 13.20

 1 Jake Zibe 12.25 1.05 11.20

2 Sophie Mutch 12.51 2.15 10.36

3 Keiran Mutch 12.54 3.40 9.14 (Fastest overall)

4 Rebecca Wren 12.58 2.00 10.58

5 Ethan Bond 13.13 2.30 10.43

6 Rachel Rees 13.18 2.45 10.33

7 Mark Walker 13.20 1.05 12.15

8 Freddie Reed 13.25 3.20 10.05

9 Sonny Willis 13.27 1.05 12.22

10 Miranda Debski 13.27 3.10 10.17

11 Katjia Hunt 13.31 3.25 10.07

12 Chelsea Williamson 13.33 4.05 9.28

13 Holly Willis 13.35 3.45 9.50

14 Helen Blades 13.36 3.20 10.16

15 Olivia Hanlon 13.37 3.25 10.12

16 Dylan Emerson 13.46 3.35 10.11

17 Eleanor Fletcher 13.47 3.05 10.42


Seniors/Veterans 3 mile 80 yds

  Finishing Time Handicap Actual time

1 Trevor Bird 24.47 6.15 18.32

2 Paul Waggot 25.02 2.40 22.22

3 Steve Bond 25.07 5.00 20.07

4 Gareth Driscoll 25.18 7.10 18.08

5 Simon Daniels 25.21 5.00 20.21

6 Tom Coates 25.26 8.10 17.16 (Fastest overall)

7 Daren McBain 25.31 7.40 17.51

8 Richard McQuade 25.39 4.20 21.19

9 Adam Ewart 25.48 7.40 18.08

10 Tim Watson 25.57 2.30 23.27

11 Sarah Rees 26.05 3.00 23.05

12 Florence McPate 26.07 6.15 19.52 (Fastest lady)

13 Angela Foley 26.10 3.55 22.15

14 Sam Gant 26.11 7.20 18.51

15 Irene Ewart 26.15 0.00 26.15

16 Helen Warburton 26.22 6.10 20.12

17 Sasha Gartside 26.30 2.00 24.30

18 Susan Croney 26.37 3.50 22.47

19 Donna Broxup 26.53 3.00 23.53

 Thanks to all who made the day a great success

There are some photos in the gallery- not sure why it looks like some runners set off in the dark! blame the cameraman

National Cross-Country Championships 2014

Congratulations to all juniors and seniors who represented Gosforth Harriers at the National Cross Country Championships on Saturday 22nd Feb.

Full results are available at http://www.englishcrosscountry.co.uk/news/saucony-english-cross-country-nationals-results-2014/

Durham cathedral relays 2014

Well done to our runners who competed in the Durham Relays, Sunday 12th.

It was particularly good to see Marie Handyside in her first race for Gosforth Harriers and Florence McPate having a storming race in her first senior outing for the club.

full results are now available at http://www.durhamcityharriers.org.uk/index.php?p=1_58

There are some photos in the gallery (good ones from Gaslamp (thanks)), and others on the GHAC facebook site.

Royal signals relays 2014

Well done to all those who braved the weather to run for the club in the Royal Signals relays Saturday 

Congratulations especially to those turning out for the club for the first time- Sarah Seymour, Nina Hart, Martin Lloyd, and those who stepped in at the last minute.

 the full results can be found here


 We have been awarded £180 from the Wish Sport appeal to buy equipment for the U11s.  Thanks to all who collected tokens from the Chronicle- especially Mrs Lundgren who seems to be a particularly avid reader of newspapers.

Many thanks to all who helped out at the bag-pack at ASDA this Saturday.  Your efforts have brought in an amazing £707.49 which will go towards our club attendance at the National cross country championships.  Special thanks to Gordon Paterson and Sam Purves and family who did more than their fair share.

Summer Grand Prix 2013

The final placings in the summer grand prix are as follows:

Men: 1st Kevin Thomas (464.9), 2nd Richard McQuade (383.0), 3rd John Musgrove (369.9)

Ladies: 1st Sarah Rees (387.9); 2nd Fiona Waugh (338.2), 3rd Susan Croney (313.6).


see dedicated page

John is off to pastures new

This week we are saying goodbye to John Musgrove who is leaving Newcastle to take up a job in China.

Although John has only been a member of the club for a relatively short time, he has become a stalwart of the vet mens team turning out to race in fair weather and foul!


In under a year John has reduced his RunBritain handicap from 14.5 to 6.8. John is also the current holder of the veteran mens mile trophy.  We all wish John success in his new job.


Coastal Run 14th July 2013

Congratulations to John Musgrove and Sarah Rees who led the Gosforth men and ladies home in the Beadnell to Alnmouth coastal run.  A lovely day with just enough of a fret to cool us along the way.






John Musgrove

Vet 40




Kevin Thomas

Vet 50




Richard McQuade

Vet 40




561 male runners






Sarah Rees

Vet 50




Rachel Daniels

Vet 40




Sarah Gartside

Vet 40




Juliet Birch-Machin

Vet 50




Irene Ewart

Vet 50




326 female runners 

Anita Nott 2013

Well done to all the ladies who competed in the Anita Nott race on Monday evening. 







Susan Croney





Angela Foley





Rachel Daniels





Sarah Rees





Donna Broxup





Juliet Birch-Machin





Sasha Gartside





Louise Watson





Irene Ewart





Susan Guy




 Special congratulations to Angela who was first in her age group category and to Sarah and Juliet who were 3rd in their categories.

Thanks also to those who made a special effort to come and cheer us on.

BUPA 10K 2013

Congratulations to the Gosforth Harriers who raced in the BUPA Great North 10K event in Gateshead last Saturday.

Darren McBain


Mark Birch-Machin


Thomas Tyler


Angela Mason


David W Anderson


  Well done everyone

Weetslade relays 2013

Congratulations to all who ran for the club in the Weetslade relays.  The full results (teams and individual legs) are now available. 

Special mention to the A team (Finn, Rachael and John) who came 6th and to Rachael who was fastest senior lady.

Hadrian's Wall Half Marathon 2013

Brave runs from five Gosforth Harriers at the Hadrian's Wall Half Marathon, 16th June 2013.


12th/150 men

Kevin Thomas

1st MV50


17th/150 men

Samuel Gant



61st/150 men

Richard McQuade



31st/86 ladies

Fiona Waugh

2nd LV50  


56th/86 ladies

Sasha Gartside


Blaydon races

Well done to all who ran the Blaydon race Saturday 9th Joon.

Some storming runs in the sweltering heat.  Preliminary results below:

Posn in field






Finn Brodie

(M) 19-39



Darren McBain

(M) 19-39



Kevin Thomas

(M) 50-54



Richard McQuade

(M) 45-49



Steven Bond

(M) 40-44



Thomas Tyler

(M) 16-18



Michael Walker




Gordon Paterson

(M) 55-59



David Anderson

(M) 19-39



John Buswell

(M) 55-59

Total: 2174 male runners


Posn in field






Rachael Lundgren

 (F) 19-39



Sophie Daniels

(F) 16-18



Sarah Rees

 (F) 55-59



Fiona Waugh

 (F) 50-54



Rachel Daniels

 (F) 45-49



Juliet Birch-Machin

 (F) 50-54



Sarah Gartside

 (F) 45-49



Louise Watson

 (F) 19-39



Donna Broxup

 (F) 40-44



Irene Ewart

 (F) 50-55

Total: 1289 female  runners

NE track and field champs

Great performances from the under 13 and under 15 girls at the NE track and field championships 25-6/4/13.  Results included...

U/13 Girls       800m               1st    Rhian Purves (new club record)

U/13 Girls       1500m             2nd   Rhian Purves

U/15 Girls       1500m             3rd   Chelsea Williamson

U/15 Girls       3000m             3rd    Helen Blades

Records tumble

Congratulations to Rachael Lundgren who has broken the GHAC 5k road record at the Newcastle Parkrun on 27th April with a fantastic run of 18.55. Rachael also broke the club track 5000m record in a time of 18:49:12 at the British Universities & Colleges Sport Championships  Bedford 4th May 2013. Well done Rachael. 

Meanwhile,  Rhian Purves has shaved nearly 2 seconds off her best for 800m to lay down a new club 800m record of 2:27:69.  Well done Rhian.

Coast to Coast

Well done to the magnificant 13.5 who completed the coast to coast over the bank holiday weekend. I'm sure more photos will surface over the next few days but here is one from Tynemouth, dipping the front wheel into the water to mark the end. 

 A big thanks to all who have contributed in making this a fabulous weekend.

Park run success 27/4/2013

Congratulations to all who made it a great Gosforth showing at the Parkrun Saturday.

Jack Reed was first man (17:25) and Rachael Lundgren was first lady (18:55). 

We had over 26 runners including first timers (Graeme Goldsmith (19:48), Katija Hunt (24:24), Eleanor Fletcher (24:33), Lucy Brown (26:03), Mary-Ann Doyle (26:04), Thomas Kershaw (26:33), Caitlin (tbc), Juliet Fletcher (30:00).

There were new PBs for Daniel Cartwright (18:51), Rachael Lundgren (18:55), Gareth Driscoll (19:44), Richard McQuade (21:05), Freddie Reed (22:46), Gordon Paterson (24:02), Sarah Rees (24:44), Sasha Gartside (26:05) and Donna Broxup (26:22).

All thanks to Colin for some quality spring training. 

Some pictures now available here

Winners of the inaugural winter grand prix..


The winners of the inaugural Winter Grand Prix competitions are confirmed as Tom Coates and Sarah Rees.

Tom finished with 834 points fending off strong challenges from Finn Brodie who was runner up with 772 and Kevin Thomas who was third with 663 points.

Sarah finished with a total of 470 points with Sasha Gartside (435 points) second and Fiona Waugh (350 points) third.

Thanks to all who took part.  

Details of the summer Grand Prix are now available on the dedicated page.

Inter-Counties Cross Country Championships 

Congratulations to the five Gosforth Harriers who represented the NorthEast in the Inter-Counties Cross Country Championships in Birmingham last Saturday.  Strong perfromances in a national class field.



Senior women

146/291                31:57     Rachel Lundgren


U20 women

89/145                  24:51     Beth Larby

101/145                25:18     Harriet Buswell


U13 girls

114/305                12:39     Rhian Purves


well done lasses!

Goodbye Jed


Gosforth Harrier Jed Russell is to leave the club as his family are moving from Newcastle to Inverness.  Jed has been with the club for 5 years and during that time has trained with great commitment and competed consistently in cross country and on the track. 

Most recently Jed was first in the U15 boys at the Alnwick Harrier league meet- a great way to wrap up his Gosforth Harriers career.

We wish Jed and his family all the best for their new life in Scotland.


National cross country championships 2013


Well done to all competitors in the Nationals.  Full results available at english cross country

Some photos already uploaded. 



Well done to all those who represented their schools at Guisborough. Particular congratulations to Rhian Purves (1st minor girls).

Royal signals relays 2013

Gosforth had teams out in the senior men and veteran women categries for the Royal Signals relays at Hetton Lyons country park on Sat 16th Feb. The men were 34th out of 56 and the women 48th out of 52. Fastest legs (2.22 miles) were Jack Reed (11:51) and Sarah Rees (17:28). Full men's results are here. Women's results here.

A grand day out as you can see from the photos in the photo gallery.

Harry Gilroy (22/07/31-02/02/13)

It is with great sadness that we have learned of the death last Saturday of former Gosforth Harrier Harry Gilroy.

Harry joined the club in 1956 and as an athlete was an accomplished sprinter both amateur and professional. Harry held the club record for 100m (11.5s) 1965-68 and 200m (23.7s) 1965-69.

Harry went on to become a youth coach for the club.  Known by his proteges as' Hard-hearted Harry, scourge of the idlers', Harry hardly missed a training session over 30 years.

Harry left the club in 2008 after 51 years as a member.

The committee send their condolences to Harry's family.

Cheers Stuart

Gosforth Harrier Stuart Norman is leaving Newcastle for (alpine) pastures new in Innsbruck.  Stuart has been a member for 4 years and has turned out to run for the club whenever his knees have allowed!  Gosforth Harriers would like to thank Stuart for all his efforts for the club and wish him and his family all the best for their new life in Austria.

NB. Stuart is the current leader of the winter Grand Prix- now's your chance to overtake him 


Heaton Harriers Memorial Races


Prize winners from Heaton Harriers Memorial Roadraces......
From left to right, top to bottom:

Sarah Rees, winner of the Over 55 Ladies category, receiving a voucher. Harriet Buswell, 3rd place U20 lady. Beth Larby, 1st place in the U20 Ladies race.

Chelsea Williamson, 2nd in the U13 Girls race. Rhian Purves, winner of the U13 Girls race. (Katya Hunt was in 7th place, but did not attend presentation).

Rhian, Chelsea & Katya also won the team trophies in the U13 Girls race.

Pictured throughout, Head Coach, Colin Haggie.


Another club record falls

Rhian Purves has set new club records for the 800m with 2 min 29.69, over 3 seconds quicker then the previous held by Joy Fenwick since 2000.

Well done Rhian.

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Professor Sir Alan Craft, Olympic Torch Bearer

Professor Sir Alan Craft, a member of Gosforth Harriers for over 30 years, took part in the Olympic torch relay on 14 June 2012 in Northumberland. As a key figure within the world of childhood cancer, he was a founder member of UKCCSG, now CCLG and a past Chairman.

Professor Sir Alan Craft was Sir James Spence Professor of Child Health at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and a Consultant Paediatrician at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle until his retirement. He set up and directed the oncology service for the North of England for many years.  He developed a particular interest in bone tumours, playing a leading role internationally in this area.  He has held many positions of authority at a national and international level, including Secretary General and President of SIOP (International Paediatric Oncology Society) and President of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. 

 He received a knighthood in 2004 for services to medicine.  In his spare time Alan has always been a runner, competing in The Great North Run since its inception and regularly pulling in marathons.  Since retiring in 2009, he has thrown himself into the role of Chairman of the Scouts Association.


Turkey Trot , Boxing Day 2011

Great to see everyone on Boxing Day. Thanks to all that helped out and supplied drinks and things to eat. A particular mention goes to the Danials family for their biscuits dressed in Gosforth Harrier colours.


The event also saw the introduction of the new training top now available for £8 in all sizes. 

Results available here.



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